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  1. Sad
    American Airlines

    American just decided it was ok to strand my daughter in Cancun because they didn't get approval to fly to Merida in 5 days. Only option given was fly to Cancun & be in your own or get a refund in 14 days. Great Cust Svc AA. Would you strand your daughter in Cancun to get to Merida on her own for her class?

  2. Sad
    American Airlines
    Piedmont Triad International Airport (GSO)

    There're two signs one posted to the far left one in the middle of walkway they state no admittance past this point however once we stopped at this sign a old tsa agent told us we have to come back around this woman paid no attention to her suroundings and then got rude with us not a pleasant person and not professional poor performance by tsa

  3. Happy
    United Airlines
    Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR)

    TSA pre-approved. 1 minute waiting Tine. Others have a long wait line. Probably over an hour. I feel lucky!

  4. Happy
    South African Airways

    I now flight

  5. Happy
    Denver International Airport (DEN)

    Flight left from here